Trimbakeshwar -Tri Ambakani Trimbaka means The Lord who has Three Eyes.   

Trimbakeshwar, which is 28 kms. (18 miles) from Nashik. It is a religious center having one of the twelve JYOTIRLINGA of the world. The extraordinary feature of the Jyotirlinga located here is that it has three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Mahesh(Shiva). All other JYOTIRLINGA have Shiva as the main deity. The temple is known for its appealing architecture and sculpture and is at the foothills of a mountain called Brahmagiri. Godavari River originates on Bramhagiri mountain and meets to the sea near Raj Mahendri, AP

What is Kaalsarp yog ?   Performing kaalsarp puja ?

Trimbakeshwar - one of the holy places of not only Maharashtra but the whole India is near Nashik. Trimbakeshwar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. The following verse shall explain the importance of this sacred place and the next one gives names of the Twelve Jyotirlingas in India.  

This says that anybody who visits Tryambakeshwar attains salvation. There is no sacred place like Tryambakeshwar, no river like Godavari, no mountain like Brahmagiri etc. The reasons for its being so sacred are  - Godavari river originates in this place, its a place of Tri-Sandhya Gayatri, the birth place of  Lord Ganesha, a place of the first Nath of Nath Sampradaya consisting of Gorakhnath and others,  a place where Nivrittinath was made to imbibe the holy knowledge by his Guru Gahininath, a place where Nivrittinath made his brothers and sister attain the self by his preaching. This is the holiest place to perform Shraddha ceremony. Nirnaya Sindhu - a religious book of Hindus, mentions that this place, where Sahyadri mountain and Godavari river exist is very purifying on the whole earth and is therefore very important for performing Shraddha ceremony.  

The two significant places

a) Shri Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling and

b) Kushavarta - the place from where river Godavari takes its course.  A dip in this sacred river wipes off the sins, is the belief of people. The sage Gautam committed a sin of murdering a cow and by taking bath in this river, wiped off his sin.

Location of Trimbakeshwar

About 38 kms away from Nashik Road Railway Station, it is connected by bus and taxi service. There are modern Dharmashalas (caravansary) built by charitable Gujarathi Community available for stay for three days to any individual. The stay can be extended by written permission of the trustees. Besides, there are big houses of Kshetropadhyes (the local priests), where lodging and boarding is made available.

Getting there
By Air :         Nearest airport is Nashik 39 kms.
By Rail :        Nearest railhead is Nashik Road 44 kms on Central Railway.
By Road :      Bombay - Trimbakeshwar 180 kms.
Nashik - Trimbakeshwar 28 kms.

State Transport buses ply between Nashik - Trimbakeshwar frequently.

Reservation :           Bombay and Trimbakeshwar.
Checkout Time :       12.00 noon.
Accommodation :      Self contained rooms [11 blocks], dormitories [2 blocks - 20 beds] and tents.